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Full-time Beekeepers at Kiwi Bee Medical Ltd Hawkes Bay in New Zealand 09-04-2014
Full-time Ashfield Apiaries at ashfield family trust in Australia 26-03-2014
Seasonal Wanted: Beekeepers at Australian Queen Bee Exporters Pty. Ltd. in Australia 11-03-2014
Full-time beekeeping helper at june kitongan, Anywhere 10-03-2014
Full-time queen rearer needed! at B&E Honey Fields in Canada 09-02-2014
Full-time South African Beekeeper Looking for Seasonal or Full work: at Keegan Craig Blignaut, Anywhere 30-01-2014
Full-time Beekeeper at Bogdan G. in New Zealand 25-01-2014
Full-time Young british beekeeper looking for work NZ northland at callum grant in New Zealand 20-01-2014
Seasonal Experienced Beekeepers Wanted at Chris Brown in Australia 10-01-2014
Full-time Looking for a beekeeping job in Western Australia at Roy in Australia 08-01-2014
Full-time Beekeeper at Silver Fern Honey New Zealand in New Zealand 18-12-2013
Seasonal Apiarist experienced at Nicola Charles in Australia 16-12-2013
Full-time Hay at toma, Anywhere 15-12-2013
Full-time Beekeeper at Chris gill in New Zealand 14-12-2013
Full-time Queen dearer at Chris gill in New Zealand 14-12-2013
Seasonal Beekeepers wanted at Bienen-Betz at Bienen-Betz in Germany 30-11-2013
Seasonal Beekeepers at Australian Queen Bee Exporters Pty. Ltd. in Australia 14-10-2013
Seasonal Romanian beekeepers looking for a job at Ratiu Michael in Australia or USA 30-09-2013
Full-time very experienced beekeeper at australian honey products in Australia 26-09-2013
Full-time Senior Commercial Beekeeper at Linsay Bourke in Australia 22-09-2013
Full-time Técnico agrícola de nivel superior/Apicultor at Jaime Giadach, Anywhere 22-09-2013
Full-time experience beekeeper at noel masillem, Anywhere 19-09-2013
Full-time Beekeeper at Santapan Barua, Anywhere 18-09-2013
Full-time Beekeeper Available at Nestor Marcelino, Anywhere 17-09-2013
Full-time Italian beekeeper at Claudio, Anywhere 16-09-2013
Full-time Experienced Beekeeper Required at Ben in Australia 14-09-2013
Full-time Italian beekeeper at Claudio, Anywhere 11-09-2013
Full-time Experienced Beekeeper wanted at wayne ashfield in Australia 07-09-2013
Full-time 14 years experienced beekeeper looking for a job at Khandaker Jaynal Abedin, Anywhere 06-09-2013
Full-time experience beekeeper for hire at jmc, Anywhere 30-08-2013
Full-time Beekeeper at Vitalij, Anywhere 16-08-2013
Seasonal Beekeeper wanted in Coffs Harbour Australia at Chris Brown in Australia 14-08-2013
Full-time 6 Beekeepers Needed at B&E Honey Fields Ltd. in Canada 13-08-2013
Full-time Experienced Beekeeper looking for work in South Island New Zealand at Jason Miller in New Zealand 08-08-2013
Full-time Honey Production & Bee Keeping at Piyali Adhikary in Nairobi, Kenya 02-08-2013
Full-time Croker bros honey at Croker bros honey in Australia 30-07-2013
Full-time Beekeepers Wanted to work in Australia - $53,900 per annum at Apiarist Recruitment in Australia 29-07-2013
Seasonal beekeeper couple looking for experience abroad at thomas tertinek, Anywhere 25-07-2013
Full-time Honey Production Supervisor at Mehmood in Libiya 24-07-2013
Full-time Beekeeper looking for job at Blagoja Daniloski, Anywhere 22-07-2013
Full-time Beekeeper Wanted in NSW, Australia at BeesKeeper in Australia 22-07-2013
Full-time I beekeeping job at pavel dorel in England 21-07-2013
Seasonal beekeeper's help at A. Pios in England 20-07-2013
Seasonal Beekeeper at Angela Baster in Australia 14-07-2013
Full-time beekeeper wint experients at Ramiro de Jesus Zetina Torres, Anywhere 12-07-2013
Full-time croker bros honey australia at crokers bros honey in Australia 10-07-2013
Full-time Beekeepers wanted for Queen breeding and Honey production at Terry Brown, Anywhere 02-07-2013
Full-time beekeeper at Tim Manns in Australia 01-07-2013
Full-time Beekeeper- kintail Honey NZ at Damien Ward in New Zealand 28-06-2013
Full-time Head Beekeeper at Simon and Sarah Peacey in New Zealand 24-06-2013
Seasonal Beekeeper wanted at Bee Enterprises ltd in New Zealand 22-05-2013
Full-time Beekeepers Needed at Jester Bee Co in USA 25-04-2013
Full-time Beekeeper at Graham Beech in Australia 07-04-2013
Full-time Beekeeper at Bogdan Gan in New Zealand 05-04-2013
Full-time Bee keeping Volunteer at JIBAN BIKASH, Anywhere 26-03-2013
Full-time Beekeepers at Steens New Zealand Ltd in New Zealand 25-03-2013
Full-time Hive Unit Manager at Steens New Zealand Ltd in New Zealand 25-03-2013
Full-time Queen Rearing Manager at Steens New Zealand Ltd in New Zealand 25-03-2013
Full-time Beekeeper at Bogdan Gan in New Zealand 19-03-2013
Full-time Beekeeper at Chris Gill in New Zealand 15-02-2013
Full-time Beekeeper needed in NC at J Jens, Anywhere 28-01-2013
Full-time Beekeeper at J Jen in USA 27-01-2013
Seasonal beekeeper we are ready at Benjamin Antonio Zeledon Martines , Anywhere 16-12-2012
Full-time INNOVATIONS IN BEEKEEPING at Spomenko Todorovic in Australia 26-10-2012
Seasonal Beekeeper at Blue Hills Honey in Australia 18-09-2012
Seasonal 3 Experienced Beekepers Needed at B&E Honey Fields Ltd. in Canada 15-09-2012
Full-time Beekeeper wanted at MHC in Australia 07-09-2012
Full-time Beekeeping Training Position at Jester Bee Co. in USA 16-07-2012
Full-time Experienced Apiarist Required URGENTLY!! at Australian Honeyfarm P/L in Australia 10-07-2012
Seasonal Senior Beekeeper and Beekeeper Assistants Wanted at James or Richelle Corson in New Zealand 12-06-2012
Seasonal Experienced Beekeeper required at Bee Enterprises Ltd in New Zealand 06-05-2012
Seasonal no longer required at Len in Australia 28-03-2012
Full-time Beekeeper Volunteers 2 yr in Africa at African Honey Bee in South Africa 27-03-2012
Full-time Experienced Beekeeper at Bogdan Gan in New Zealand 08-03-2012
Seasonal Experienced Beekeeper wanted for new UK operation at R & AR Hoyle - Lashes Farm in England 05-03-2012
Full-time Beekeeper required in Australia at Wayne Ashfield in Australia 26-02-2012
Full-time Assistant beekeeper at William Alldis in England 22-02-2012
Full-time Beekeeper at Richard Hoyal in England 22-02-2012
Full-time EXPERIENCED BEEKEEPER/APIARIST at wayne ashfield in Australia 13-02-2012
Full-time Ashfield Apiaries at wayne Ashfield in Australia 12-02-2012
Full-time texas & south dakota bee farm job opportunity at albrecht angel honey co. in USA 22-01-2012
Full-time New Zealand Experienced Beekeeper wanted at Clive Sergent, Anywhere 01-01-2012
Full-time Beekeeper at Harvey's Honey Inc in USA 11-12-2011
Full-time Apiary Workers at B&E Honey Fields Ltd. in Canada 27-11-2011
Full-time Beekeeper/Truck Driver at Brian Rowaan in Canada 27-11-2011
Seasonal Beekeepers wanted at Anvarjon in Uzbekistan 24-11-2011
Full-time Beekeeper wanted at Condamine Apiaries (David) in Australia 13-11-2011
Seasonal Want to beekeep in Canada with an ex aussie at Gary Taylor (St Michael Sticky Business) in Canada 12-11-2011
Seasonal Needed Apiary Help for 2012 Season at T'N'T Apiaries in Canada 27-10-2011
Full-time Experienced Beekeepers wanted at Peter Ferris in New Zealand 18-10-2011
Seasonal APIARY WORKERS/FARM WORKERS at Christopher Warriner West Cowan Apiaries in Canada 11-10-2011
Seasonal Beekeeper at B. Strong Apiaries Ltd. in Canada 11-10-2011
Seasonal APIARY WORKER at Pedersen Apiaries in Canada 11-10-2011
Seasonal APIARY WORKER at Glendenning Apiaries in Canada 11-10-2011
Full-time Apiary Worker at B's Bee Ranch Inc. in Canada 11-10-2011
Seasonal Experienced Beekeeper at Parkland Honey Farm Ltd in Canada 11-10-2011
Seasonal Beekeepers at Groots Honey Farm Ltd. in Canada 11-10-2011
Full-time APIARY Technicians and APIARY Workers at Gilbert Wolfe in Canada 09-10-2011

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